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Loungechair "Loftchair"  with waterproofed leather

Twinsize Relaxchair "LOFTCHAIR  as well as a Loftchair in a Spa

Loftchairs for a home cinema

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Loungechair "Loftchair"  with waterproofed leather for pool area

Power napping room with lounger "Loftchair"

Lounger "Loftchair" to relax in Zuerich, Berlin, Marbella & Munich

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MST Industriedesign- Marke Loftline – Pulvermühleweg 10 – 6010 Kriens  NEU: +41-76- 205 57 89

Geschäftsführer  Michael Traenkel

HR Kanton Luzern : CHE -112.925.193