LOFTCHAIR   Modern   comfortable   functional

LOFTCHAIR  will be manufactured exclusively in our factory in Lucerne, Switzerland. The design and development of our LOFTCHAIRS  have been created by the industrial designer Mike Traenkel. As the guiding theme at LOFTLINE, futuristic design, high quality and functionality of our products are always a customer priority.

The relaxing convenience during lying or sitting as well as the continuously variable 

adjustment of any position by pushing buttons under the leather cover 

are making the LOFTCHAIR  a perfect functional product.

Introduction of Designer Mike Traenkel

The idea to build electric motor-adjustable chairs came up during my engagement as a marketing & product manager for an electric bed manufacturer. (Hospitals, nursing homes) The first electro-motorized adjustable recliner was created in 1995 and was a complete world wide success. In 2005 I created the loft chair. I used all my professional and private experiences for the Loftchair conception. (Professional: Internship Mechanics & Electrical Engineering, Physiotherapist, Business Administration & Marketing, Business Informatics)

Private: family, skiing, mountaineering, cycling, art & design)

I run a factory in Kriens - Lucerne and manufacture every LOFTCHAIR according to customer requirements. I look forward to counting you among our customers soon.

Purpose of LOFTCHAIR

The target of our LOFTCHAIR  conception is, to offer comfort to the customers 

without compromise. This is achieved through the combination of modern, functional design with the most innovative techniques. LOFTCHAIR can be produced custom made.

This elegant design will be an attractive addition to your living room concept. The integration of the electrical drive system, the control unit and the battery in the upholstery is not visible and really unique. To conceal the complex technique of the products was the basic idea of the conception with the target not to disturb the perfect design.

The unique visual appearance, the relaxing convenience during lying or sitting as well as the continuously variable adjustment of any position by pushing buttons under the leather cover are making the LOFTCHAIRS  a perfect functional product.

The cableless design let's you use the LOFTCHAIR  in any room you place it.

Technical data

Basically the product is manufactured in stainless steel by laser cutting technology.

The drive system is powered with 4 motors, 24 VDC, which are fed by an accumulator. 

There is no disturbing power cable needed.

The continuously variable adjustment of backrest, knee bend part and leg part runs

with 4 buttons of a control unit underneath the leather cover.

The charging of the accumulator will be carried out with a connection assembly and

a charger. (primary  230VAC / Secondary 24 VDC). 


Length 200 cm , in seating position 160 cm

Width 56 or 65 cm

Hight 38 cm


32 kg